Tell Congress to STOP asking for money and get back to work!

Americans wonder why we haven’t defeated ISIS, secured our border, provided health care for veterans, or balanced our budget. Here’s why. Too many people in Washington are more focused on raising money than doing the job you elected them to do.

That's why, as a Member of Congress, I've introduced legislation called the "Stop Act" to make it illegal for congressmen to ask you for money.

Look, Washington has been shaking down the American people for too long. Sign my Stop Act petition and we'll get Congress back to work.


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It's time Members of Congress stop asking you for money and start doing their jobs! Sign the Stop Act petition if you agree!


This is the actual schedule recommended for members of Congress distributed by Democrats. 

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee recently greeted an incoming crop of freshmen with a prescribed schedule that highlighted fundraising “Call Time” of four hours a day as the chief priority for any new member of Congress. The actual time they suggested working in Congress each day - 2 hours!

Every American should be outraged.

Model Daily D.C. Schedule

WARNING: This schedule was actually distributed by the DCCC

Congressman David W. Jolly



Join us now & get

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30 days

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